Show and Hide Element On Click Using JavaScript

Show and Hide Element On Click Using JavaScript

We can Hide and Show any HTML element using onclick attribute and simple JavaScript code.

Onclick Attribute

The onclick attribute is HTML Attribute used for events. Onclick attribute can be used on any HTML element.

The onclick attribute is used to invoke or call a JavaScript function.


A unique Id is assigned to our element, In this example it's an image. You can also use class for that purpose but generally a class is not unique so we should use an Id.

The onclick attribute is used in button element to invoke JavaScript function show_hide().

<!DOCTYPE html>
<img id="image" src="HowToCodeSchool.png">   
<button onclick="show_hide()">Show and Hide</button>
<script src="showhideelement.js">

JavaScript Code

In the function body we are checking for the value of Variable a.

For the first click, It is assumed that element is not hidden so it will always hide it. After that When value of variable a is 1, the element is displayed, otherwise the display property of element will be set to none.

Setting display property to none completely remove the element from layout of the page and any other element will take its place, if there is any.

Notice that we have used an id image to access our image element and change it's display property.

var a;
function show_hide()
return a=0;
return a=1;

Video Tutorial

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