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HowToCodeSchool is a website where you can Learn HTML. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. Read our Tutorials on HTML to learn everything about HTML.

HTML was Created by Tim Berners Lee from CERN, Robert Cailliau and some others geniuses in late 80s and start of 90s. HTML is not a Programming Language but a Markup Language.

What is HTML - HTML Introduction

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is primary language to make a Web Page or Website.


HTML Tags are the keywords that are used to construct the simple HTML Document, Web Page or Website.

List of HTML Tags By Category

The main types of HTML Tags are Basic HTML Tags, Formatting HTML Tags, Forms and Input Tags, Frame Tags, Style and Semantic Tags, Link Tags, Audio Video Tags, Meta Tags, Programming Tags and Table Tags.

HTML Document

HTML Document is file or page containing HTML. HTML is a markup language which consists of Tags, HTML Tags are used to display the content on the browser.

HTML Versions

HTML5 is the latest version of HTML. Other versions of HTML include HTML 1.0, HTML 2.0, HTML 3.2, HTML 4.01 and XHTML.

How to write HTML Code

Writing HTML Code is very simple. HTML uses markups or tags to display the content on the browser. HTML code is written inside the .html file.

HTML Elements

HTML element is the combination of HTML starting tag, HTML ending tag and the content that's inside the starting tag and ending tag. Sometimes HTML Element is also refereed as HTML Tag. A Web Page is made up of these HTML Elements. All HTML Elements are Descendants of one or more HTML Elements.

HTML Attributes

HTML Attribute is something that we use in the starting tag of HTML Elements or HTML Tags which provides extra information about those HTML Elements or HTML Tags.

List of all HTML Attributes and Their Function

HTML Attributes provide extra information about HTML Tags. This is the List of all HTML Attributes and their Function. HTML Attributes are used in almost all HTML Elements.

HTML Cheat Sheet

This HTML Cheat Sheet contains information about HTML Tags, HTML Attributes, HTML Symbols and Structure of HTML5 Document and more.


All important HTML MCQS are given with answers, These HTML MCQS cover all topics related to HTML.