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Submit Form If at least one Checkbox is Checked

In this Tutorial we are going to see how we can make sure that user always check at least one check box before submitting the form. The form will not be submitted until at least one check box is checked or selected. We have used Jquery for this purpose.

Is HTML a Programming Language

Is HTML a Programming Language? This is the question that can divide or should i say that it does divide Programmers, Web Developer into two groups. some people think that HTML is not a Programming Language but some insist that HTML is a Programming Language, maybe not a conventional, typical or orthodox kind of programming language but they say that no correct and complete definition of Programming Languages can exclude HTML from the list of Programming Languages.

Vertically Rotate HTML Element using CSS

In this simple Tutorial we will learn how to rotate any HTML Element using simple CSS. The vertical rotation of HTML Element using CSS can be used anywhere on a website or web page.

Moving Car Animation using simple CSS

In this simple but interesting tutorial we will see how you can animate a car using simple CSS and make it move. We will use simple HTML and CSS to animate our Car. We will animate the road, buildings and the wheels of the Car.

Vertical Align Middle using CSS

In this article I am going to show a very simple method to Vertically Align any type of element inside other element. Horizontal Alignment is very simple but sometimes it gets challenging to vertically align the element in middle of page. Two main CSS properties used in this tutorial are Position property and Transform property.

Simple Loading Screen using HTML and CSS

In this article we are going to see how to make a simple loading screen using just HTML and CSS. Animation property, Position property of CSS and Keyframes are used to make this loading screen.

Passing JavaScript Value from one Page to another

In this article, I will show you how you can send a JavaScript value from one page of your website to another page. This can be very useful in some applications. The value received can be used for any purpose. I have used localStorage object, setItem() and getItem() methods for this purpose.

Show and Hide Element On Click Using JavaScript

In this beginner level article we have shown a very simple and easy way on How to Hide and Show any HTML element using JavaScript. You can apply this anywhere in your project.

Text Over Image Hover Effect

Before and After selectors are used to create Css Hover Effect with Text Over Image. The Opacity property is also used in this tutorial.

CSS Button Hover Effect

HTML and CSS are used to create a Button Hover Effect. Before Selector and Border Radius property is used to create this button hover effect.

Tennis Ball Animation using CSS

In this fun article I will show you how you can animate the image of tennis ball using simple CSS animation. The bouncing effect of the tennis ball is created using pure css animations.