Passing JavaScript Value from one Page to another

Passing JavaScript Value from one Page to another

Passing JavaScript Value from one Page to another can be very useful in some applications. One way to get it done is by using localStorage object, setItem() and getItem() methods.

You can also use cookies instead of localStorage object but localStorage allows much more space and they have nothing to do with servers, when requesting pages.

We have two main pages in this example, index.html and value-sender.html. As the name specifies we are sending value from value-sender.html to index.html.

localStorage Object

localStorage is an object which stores data in form of key-value pair. The data once stored, will always be there. It has no expiration date and It won't be deleted and can be used anytime. Even if you close the browser or that particular tab.

The data is stored in the form of key-value pair. The value is assigned to a key and this key can be used to retrieve the value whenever needed from localStorage object.

Many JavaScript applications and website use localStorage to store data.

Methods used to pass JavaScript value from one page to another

Two main methods used in this example are setItem() method and getItem() method.

Sending JavaScript Value

The simple JavaScript code to send value is given below.

function valueSender()
var a=999;
localStorage.setItem("myValue", a);

setItem() method

In our example a function is called on one page, which will store our value (999) in the localStorage using setItem() method and then window.location method is used to redirect the user to second page.

Receiving JavaScript Value

The JavaScript code to receive value is given below.

var b = localStorage.getItem("myValue");
alert("The Value Received is " + b);
var resetValue =0;
localStorage.setItem("myValue", resetValue);

getItem() method

On second page the same value is retrieved from the localStorage using getItem() method. Also the localStorage is reset to 0 value.

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