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HowToCodeSchool is a website where you can Learn PHP. PHP is a server side programming language. Read our Tutorials on PHP to learn everything about PHP.

PHP means 'Hypertext Preprocessor'. PHP is open source language and is widely used. PHP script runs on the server and PHP makes the website dynamic. PHP can collect data from user and save it on your database, PHP can collect data from database. PHP is used to control the user access. PHP can encrypt your data.

PHP Syntax

PHP Syntax is very simple. PHP tags are used to write PHP code. A PHP script or PHP code is written inside php starting tag . Each PHP statement ends with semicolon (;). Like other programming languages, PHP also has variables, constants, conditions, loops, arrays, operators, functions and comments.

PHP Variables

In This Tutorial we are going to talk about PHP Variables. You can consider PHP Variable as a container in which you can store any kind of information or data.

Comments in PHP

Comment is just a piece of information that is not executed but it just provides some information to the reader of the code. Comments help you understand the code. PHP supports both single line comment and multi line comment.

PHP Include and Require Statements

The include and require, both statements are used to include a specific PHP code written in one file to another file.

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