HTTP Status Codes and Messages

There are five types of HTTP Status Codes, Their names are listed.

HTTP Status Codes

As we all know that every webpage or website is hosted on a server, so whenever we try to communicate with that server or we try to access that website, host server returns a code as a response to the request we made. These response codes are HTTP Status Codes. These are also known as HTML error messages or HTML messages. But the right or more accurate name is HTTP Status Codes.

HTTP Status Messages

It is also important to know that each HTTP Status Code has a meaning that it represents, this message behind the code is from the server and server always sends a message back to it's client in response to each of his/her request, these messages are known as HTTP Status Messages.

Example of HTTP Status Codes

Common examples of HTTP Status Codes are given below.

  1. 404: Requested Page is not found.
  2. 200: Request is successful and the requested page is returned.
  3. 502: 502 Bad Gateway, The server received an invalid response from the upstream server and thus the request has failed.

Types of HTTP Status Codes

All these five types of HTTP Status Codes have more than one HTTP Status Codes.

HTTP 1xx Information Codes

HTTP 1xx Codes or HTTP 1xx Information Codes don't represent the final status of the request made, they are messages intended to share the information about the connection.

HTTP 2xx Successful Codes

HTTP 2xx Codes or HTTP 2xx Successful Codes represent the success message, they indicate to the client that server has received, understood and accepted the request.

HTTP 3xx Redirection Codes

HTTP 3xx Codes or HTTP 3xx Redirection Codes represent redirection messages, these codes indicate that the client must follow certain steps to get to the desired location or destination.

HTTP 4xx Error Codes

HTTP 4xx Codes or HTTP 4xx Error Codes represent the messages of errors occurred on the client's end. These error codes are applicable to any request method.

HTTP 5xx Server Error Codes

HTTP 5xx Codes or HTTP 5xx Error Codes represent the messages of errors occurred on the server side. These error codes also indicate the incapability of server to fulfil the request.