Change Class of HTML Tag Using JavaScript

In this tutorial we will see how to Change Class of HTML Tag Using JavaScript. The getElementById() Method and HTML DOM className Property is used for this purpose.


HTML Code is given below, This code contains a paragraph element and a button element.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Change Class of HTML Tag Using JavaScript</title>  
<p id='main' class='one'>Change my Class using JavaScript</p>
<button onclick="changeClass()">Change Class</button>  

getElementById() Method

The getElementById() Method is used to get or select or target the HTML element with a specified value of Id attribute.

In this example the id of paragraph element is 'main'. This id is used to target or select the paragraph element.

getElementById() Method is supported by all major browsers.

className Property

The JavaScript className Property sets or returns the class name of an element.

The JavaScript className Property is supported by all major browsers.

JavaScript Code

In this example getElementById method is used to select the paragraph tag. Then className property is used to change the class of the paragraph tag.

onclick event is used to trigger the main function (changeClass()) which performs this task.

Take a look at the code given below.

function changeClass()
document.getElementById("main").className = "two";

Video Tutorial

Watch video tutorial and demo on how to Change Class of HTML Tag Using JavaScript.

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