PHP Convert Only First Letter of String to Uppercase

In this tutorial we will learn How To Convert first letter of String to uppercase in PHP. PHP ucfirst() Function can be used for this purpose and in some cases strtolower() function along with ucfirst() function is used.

PHP ucfirst() Function

PHP ucfirst() function converts only first letter of a string to uppercase.

Take a look at the code given below.

$string = 'howtocodeschool';
$newString = ucfirst($string);
echo $newString;

The above code will only convert the letter 'h' to uppercase.

But in some cases there maybe more than one letters in a string which are already in uppercase. So in that case we will first use strtolower() Function.

PHP strtolower() Function

PHP strtolower() Function converts the complete string to lowercase.

We will use this function to first convert complete string into lowercase, then ucfirst() function will be used to convert only first letter to uppercase.

Look at the example given below.

$string = 'HowToCodeSchool';
$string1 = strtolower($string);
$string2 = ucfirst($string1);
echo $string2;

The above code will first convert all four letters of each word to lowercase then only first one will be converted back to uppercase.


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