JavaScript Radio Button Hide Show Div

In this tutorial we will see how to Hide and Show Div with Radio Button using JavaScript. HTML DOM getElementById() Method is used with HTML DOM style property for this purpose.


HTML code is given below, in this code we have two radio buttons and a main div container.

onclick event is used in radio buttons to execute a JavaScript function.

<input type="radio" name="lang" value="hide" onclick="showHideDiv(1)"> Hide
<input type="radio" name="lang" value="show" onclick="showHideDiv(2)"> Show

<div id="div">This is Div..</div> 

JavaScript Code

JavaScript Code is given, in this code we have used HTML DOM getElementById() method and .style property.

The getElementById() method is used to select or target element with specific id.

.style property is used to change CSS properties of HTML elements.

In this example getElementById() method will select the main div container and .style property is used to hide or show the div.

This is done inside the main JavaScript function, which will be executed on click event for both radio buttons. Each radio button will send a unique value to the main JavaScript function.

Based on this value, main div either hides or it is shown to the user. This is done using JavaScript If Statements.

function showHideDiv(val)
 if(val ==1)
 if(val ==2)


Video Tutorial

Watch our video tutorial on JavaScript Hide Show Div with Radio Button.

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