PHP Remove Underscore From String

In this tutorial we will see How To Remove Underscore From String in PHP. PHP str_replace() function and preg_replace() function can be used to remove Underscore from a string.

PHP str_replace() function

PHP str_replace() function replaces given characters or a string with other string or characters.

In this example str_replace() function is used to remove the underscore from string.

$string = "_HowToCodeSchool.com_";
$newString = str_replace("_", '', $string);
echo $newString;

In above code of PHP, underscore is removed from everywhere in the string.

PHP preg_replace() function

PHP preg_replace() Function is used to perform a regular expression search, it is also used to replace one pattern of string with another string.

In this example preg_replace() function is also used to remove the underscore from the string.

$string = "_HowToCodeSchool.com_";
$newString = preg_replace("/_/i", '', $string);
echo $newString;

In above code of PHP, underscore is removed from string with help of preg_replace().

"/_/i" is pattern input that we have used in preg_replace() to look for underscore in our string.

while the second parameter '' is our replacement parameter, which is basically nothing or null.

Third parameter is our main string, so this code will remove underscore from our main string.

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