How To Change Lock Screen Wallpaper in Windows 11

In this tutorial we will see How To Change Lock Screen Wallpaper in Windows 11. The lock screen and login screen are different. Lock Screen generally appears first and display information like time and date.

Important Steps

Follow the steps given below to Change Lock Screen Wallpaper in Windows 11.

  1. First, click on Windows Start button to open the settings of Windows 11.
  2. You can also right click on windows button on taskbar and then click on settings to open settings.
  3. You can also use keyboard shortcut keys Windows key + I to open the settings window of windows 11.
  4. Now, on the left side of settings window, click on Personalization to open Personalization settings.
  5. In Personalization settings, scroll down and click on Lock Screen option.
  6. Here you can personalize your lock screen of windows 11.
  7. To change the wallpaper of windows 11 lock screen, click on the first drop down in the lock screen personalization section.
  8. Now in the drop down menu, click and choose Picture to change lock screen wallpaper.
  9. After selecting Picture option, click on Browse and find the image of your choice and select it to set it as lock screen wallpaper.
  10. You can also set a slideshow of images for your lock screen from here.