How to Calibrate Monitor in Windows 11

In this tutorial we will see How to Calibrate Monitor in Windows 11. Windows 11 built-in settings are used to adjust colors, brightness, contrast and overall calibration of monitor.

Important Steps

Follow the steps given below To Calibrate Monitor in Windows 11.

  1. First, click on Search icon on the taskbar to open the Search Window.
  2. Type in Calibrate display in the search bar and then click on the Calibrate display color option.
  3. In the Calibrate display color window, click Next.
  4. Read and follow the instructions written on Set basic color settings window or skip this step and click Next.
  5. Next window is about How to adjust gamma, three examples of gamma settings are given on this window. Our aim is to set the gamma settings similar to the second example "Good gama".
  6. For this click Next and in Adjust gama window, adjust the gama settings slider in a way that dots inside each circle completely disappear.
  7. Once you have done that, click Next and then click Next again to skip the step which explains, how to find the brightness and contrast controls of your display.
  8. In next window, three examples too dark, good brightness and too bright are given, our target is to adjust brightness just like the second image.
  9. Click Next and using image as a reference set the brightness of your monitor and click Next.
  10. Similarly set the contrast of your Monitor with the help of reference image.
  11. Next step is to adjust the Color Balance, adjust the Red, Green and Blue sliders to adjust colors and remove color cast from gray bars.
  12. Finally click Next and then click Finish and that's it, this is how you can calibrate your monitor in windows 11.