HTML Geometric Shapes Codes

There are 96 HTML Geometric Shapes, The HTML Geometric Shape Codes are listed in both decimal and hexadecimal form.

How To Use HTML Geometric Shapes

You can copy the decimal or hexadecimal code of any HTML Geometric Shape to use it in your website or HTML document. You can also click on 'Copy' button to directly copy the symbol of HTML Geometric Shape.

Example of HTML Geometric Shape

<!DOCTYPE html>
<p>HTML Geometric Shape using Decimal Code &#9706;</p>
<p>HTML Geometric Shape using Hexadecimal Code &#x25EA;</p>


HTML Geometric Shape using Decimal Code ◪

HTML Geometric Shape using Hexadecimal Code ◪

HTML Geometric Shapes List

The Range of UTF-8 HTML Geometric Shape Codes is from 9632 to 9727 in Decimal and from 25A0 to 25FF in Hexadecimal.

Character Decimal Hexdecimal Name Action
9632 25A0 Black Square
9633 25A1 White Square
9634 25A2 White Square With Rounded Corners
9635 25A3 White Square Containing Black Small Square
9636 25A4 Square With Horizontal Fill
9637 25A5 Square With Vertical Fill
9638 25A6 Square With Orthogonal Crosshatch
9639 25A7 Square With Upper Left To Lower Right Fill
9640 25A8 Square With Upper Right To Lower Left Fill
9641 25A9 Square With Diagonal Crosshatch Fill
9642 25AA Black Small Square
9643 25AB White Small Square
9644 25AC Black Rectangle
9645 25AD White Rectangle
9646 25AE Black Vertical Rectangle
9647 25AF White Vertical Rectangle
9648 25B0 Black Parallelogram
9649 25B1 White Parallelogram
9650 25B2 Black Up Pointing Triangle
9651 25B3 White Up Pointing Triangle
9652 25B4 Black Up Pointing Small Triangle
9653 25B5 White Up Pointing Small Triangle
9654 25B6 Black Right Pointing Triangle
9655 25B7 White Right Pointing Triangle
9656 25B8 Black Right Pointing Small Triangle
9657 25B9 White Right Pointing Small Triangle
9658 25BA Black Right Pointing Pointer
9659 25BB White Right Pointing Pointer
9660 25BC Black Down Pointing Triangle
9661 25BD White Down Pointing Triangle
9662 25BE Black Down Pointing Small Triangle
9663 25BF White Down Pointing Small Triangle
9664 25C0 Black Left Pointing Triangle
9665 25C1 White Left Pointing Triangle
9666 25C2 Black Left Pointing Small Triangle
9667 25C3 White Left Pointing Small Triangle
9668 25C4 Black Left Pointing Pointer
9669 25C5 White Left Pointing Pointer
9670 25C6 Black Diamond
9671 25C7 White Diamond
9672 25C8 White Diamond Containing Black Small Diamond
9673 25C9 Fisheye
9674 25CA Lozenge
9675 25CB White Circle
9676 25CC Dotted Circle
9677 25CD Circle With Vertical Fill
9678 25CE Bullseye
9679 25CF Black Circle
9680 25D0 Circle With Left Half Black
9681 25D1 Circle With Right Half Black
9682 25D2 Circle With Lower Half Black
9683 25D3 Circle With Upper Half Black
9684 25D4 Circle With Upper Right Quadrant Black
9685 25D5 Circle With All But Upper Left Quadrant Black
9686 25D6 Left Half Black Circle
9687 25D7 Right Half Black Circle
9688 25D8 Inverse Bullet
9689 25D9 Inverse White Circle
9690 25DA Upper Half Inverse White Circle
9691 25DB Lower Half Inverse White Circle
9692 25DC Upper Left Quadrant Circular Arc
9693 25DD Upper Right Quadrant Circular Arc
9694 25DE Lower Right Quadrant Circular Arc
9695 25DF Lower Left Quadrant Circular Arc
9696 25E0 Upper Half Circle
9697 25E1 Lower Half Circle
9698 25E2 Black Lower Right Triangle
9699 25E3 Black Lower Left Triangle
9700 25E4 Black Upper Left Triangle
9701 25E5 Black Upper Right Triangle
9702 25E6 White Bullet
9703 25E7 Square With Left Half Black
9704 25E8 Square With Right Half Black
9705 25E9 Square With Upper Left Diagonal Half Black
9706 25EA Square With Lower Right Diagonal Half Black
9707 25EB White Square With Vertical Bisecting Line
9708 25EC White Up Pointing Triangle With Dot
9709 25ED Up Pointing Triangle With Left Half Black
9710 25EE Up Pointing Triangle With Right Half Black
9711 25EF Large Circle
9712 25F0 White Square With Upper Left Quadrant
9713 25F1 White Square With Lower Left Quadrant
9714 25F2 White Square With Lower Right Quadrant
9715 25F3 White Square With Upper Right Quadrant
9716 25F4 White Circle With Upper Left Quadrant
9717 25F5 White Circle With Lower Left Quadrant
9718 25F6 White Circle With Lower Right Quadrant
9719 25F7 White Circle With Upper Right Quadrant
9720 25F8 Upper Left Triangle
9721 25F9 Upper Right Triangle
9722 25FA Lower Left Triangle
9723 25FB White Medium Square
9724 25FC Black Medium Square
9725 25FD White Medium Small Square
9726 25FE Black Medium Small Square
9727 25FF Lower Right Triangle