HTML Currency Symbols Code

There are 32 HTML Currency Symbols, The HTML Currency Symbol Codes are listed in decimal and hexadecimal form.

How To Use HTML Currency Symbols

You can copy the decimal or hexadecimal code of any HTML Currency Symbol to use it in your website or HTML document. You can also click on 'Copy' button to directly copy the HTML Currency Symbol Code.

Example of HTML Currency Symbols Codes

<!DOCTYPE html>
<p>HTML Currency Symbols using Decimal Code &#8364;</p>
<p>HTML Currency Symbols using Hexadecimal Code &#x20AC;</p>


HTML Currency Symbols using Decimal Code €

HTML Currency Symbols using Hexadecimal Code €

HTML Currency Symbols Codes List

The Range of UTF-8 HTML Currency Symbol Codes is from 8352 to 8383 in Decimal and from 20A0 to 20BF in Hexadecimal.

Character Decimal Hexdecimal Name Action
8352 20A0 Euro Currency Sign
8353 20A1 Colon Sign
8354 20A2 Cruzeiro Sign
8355 20A3 French Franc Sign
8356 20A4 Lira Sign
8357 20A5 Mill Sign
8358 20A6 Naira Sign
8359 20A7 Peseta Sign
8360 20A8 Rupee Sign
8361 20A9 Won Sign
8362 20AA New Sheqel Sign
8363 20AB Dong Sign
8364 20AC Euro Sign
8365 20AD Kip Sign
8366 20AE Tugrik Sign
8367 20AF Drachma Sign
8368 20B0 Germany Penny Symbol
8369 20B1 Peso Sign
8370 20B2 Guarani Sign
8371 20B3 Austral Sign
8372 20B4 Hryvnia Sign
8373 20B5 Cedi Sign
8374 20B6 Livre Tournois Sign
8375 20B7 Spesmilo Sign
8376 20B8 Tenge Sign
8377 20B9 Indian Rupee Sign
8378 20BA Turkish Lira Sign
8379 20BB Nordic Mark Sign
8380 20BC Manat Sign
8381 20BD Ruble Sign
8382 20BE Lari Sign
8383 20BF Bitcoin Sign