Block Elements Codes

There are 32 Block Elements, The Block Elements Codes are listed in both decimal and hexadecimal form.

How To Use Block Elements

You can copy the decimal or hexadecimal code of any HTML Block Element to use it in your website or HTML document. You can also click on 'Copy' button to directly copy the symbol of Block Element.

Example of Block Element

<!DOCTYPE html>
<p>Block Element using Decimal Code &#9608;</p>
<p>Block Element using Hexadecimal Code &#x2588;</p>


Block Element using Decimal Code █

Block Element using Hexadecimal Code █

Block Elements List

The Range of UTF-8 Block Element Code is from 9600 to 9631 in Decimal and from 2580 to 259F in Hexadecimal.

Character Decimal Hexdecimal Name Action
9600 2580 Upper Half Block
9601 2581 Lower One Eighth Block
9602 2582 Lower One Quarter Block
9603 2583 Lower Three Eighths Block
9604 2584 Lower Half Block
9605 2585 Lower Five Eighths Block
9606 2586 Lower Three Quarters Block
9607 2587 Lower Seven Eighths Block
9608 2588 Full Block
9609 2589 Left Seven Eighths Block
9610 258A Left Three Quarters Block
9611 258B Left Five Eighths Block
9612 258C Left Half Block
9613 258D Left Three Eighths Block
9614 258E Left One Quarter Block
9615 258F Left One Eighth Block
9616 2590 Right Half Block
9617 2591 Light Shade
9618 2592 Medium Shade
9619 2593 Dark Shade
9620 2594 Upper One Eighth Block
9621 2595 Right One Eighth Block
9622 2596 Quadrant Lower Left
9623 2597 Quadrant Lower Right
9624 2598 Quadrant Upper Left
9625 2599 Quadrant Upper Left And Lower Left and Lower Right
9626 259A Quadrant Upper Left and Lower Right
9627 259B Quadrant Upper Left and Upper Right and Lower Left
9628 259C Quadrant Upper Left and Upper Right and Lower Right
9629 259D Quadrant Upper Right
9630 259E Quadrant Upper Right and Lower Left
9631 259F Quadrant Upper Right and Lower Left and Lower Right