HTML acronym Tag

HTML acronym Tag

Acronym Tag is like abbr tag. Acronym tag is used to define the abbreviation or acronym like HTML, CSS or PHP. It is not used anymore in HTML5. Abbr Tag is used in place of acronym tag.

Syntax of Acronym Tag

The syntax of acronym tag is exactly like abbr tag. The syntax is shown below.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<p>acronym is a <acronym title="HyperText Markup Language">HTML</acronym> tag.</p>


Output of the above code is shown below, hover over the word HTML and you will see it's abbreviation.

acronym is a HTML tag

Title Attribute inside acronym Tag

The title attribute is used to define or explain the abbreviation. The acronym or abbreviation is written between the starting acronym tag and ending acronym tag. While it's full form is written inside title attribute.

The full form or explanation of any acronym written inside title attribute serve as tooltip and is displayed when the cursor is hovered over the abbreviation.

Default Styling of acronym Tag

The acronym Tag is inline level element. It's default styling is just like anchor tag or span tag.

Acronym Tag in HTML5

Acronym Tag defines the acronym words like ASAP, NASA, Lol etc. The acronym tag was used until HTML 4.01 but it is deprecated from latest version of HTML, HTML5. In HTML5 abbr tag is used in place of acronym tag.

Browser Support for HTML acronym Tag

Almost all major browsers support HTML acronym Tag.

HTML Acronym Tag Video

Watch our video on Acronym tag and subscribe our Youtube Channel.

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